Help Us

Be a Blood Donor

By donating one unit of Blood one can save 4 lives. Blood is the only thing in the World that has no substitute. Blood Donation is the best Noble Cause.

Facts about Blood Donation

1. Donate Blood- It saves lives.
2. Everyone in the age group of 18 to 65 years can donate blood
3. Out of your total blood volume > 5000 ml, only 350 ml is taken at any one donation.
4. The donated blood volume is restored within 48 hours
5. Absolutely safe and sterile disposable needles are used for blood donation.
6. It takes just about 15 minutes for a donation.
7. After blood donation you can resume your routine work.
8. You can donate blood once every 3 months without any harm.
9. Blood Donation helps to know your Blood Group. Blood Group never changes.

Blood Donation Camps

You can also help us by organising Blood Donation Camp. Say for example you have a group or community of 50 people or you work in a company of 100 or more employees then we can organise a camp there. We always organise camps with Government Blood Bank Teams. We make sure that proper hygienic atmosphere is maintained. We make sure that the blood is not being sold or misused. We make sure that each donor is facilitated properly.

Make Them Aware

Spread the Word
Make people aware about the Word " Thalassemia"
Speak it Aloud
Help us in spreading the awareness about the word "Thalassemia" so that our future Generation will be free from the Menace of Thalassemia.
Make them aware that their one blood test can save there child from thousands of pricks.
Lets Join Hands Together and Make sure that No New Thalassemic will be born in India.

LETS SET AN EXAMPLE LIKE CYPRUS, where within 10 years 1974 to 1984 people, church and Govt. coordinated to erradicate Thalassemia from the country.

Share Treatment Cost

You can also help us by sharing the treatment cost of a child. The survival of Thalassemia Major depends upon lifelong regular blood transfusion & iron chelating agents and regular monitoring. These iron chelating agents are very costly and not within the reach of medium class family.  Cost of treatment varies from Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,00,000 per annum.

Thalassemia Screening

You can help us to create awareness by organising Thalassemia Screening Camps at various institutions, universities, MNCs etc. A small Blood test can save your future generation from 1000s of pricks and regular blood transfusions.