Interaction With Government

NTWS interaction with the Government of Delhi

Liaison with the Govt

Our association with Govt. of Delhi resulted into creation of a Thalassemia Cell under Directorate of Health Services. Dr J.S. Arora is the coordinator of the cell.

Thalassemia cell in consultation with National Thalassemia Welfare Society has taken following steps: 

  1. Initiation of Hepatitis C screening in Blood Banks when it was not mandatory.

  2. Free chelating agents in Delhi Government Hospitals.

  3. Mandatory Thalassemia Screening of pregnant women in DDU, GTB & LN Hospitals

  4. Improvement of Thalassemia Day Care Centres.

  5. New Thalassemic Centres at Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital, Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalya.

  6. Abolishing of VAT on drugs and equipments used by Thalassemics.

  7. Awareness programmes like Thalassemia Chetna Rath Yatra in November 2001.

  8. Advertisements in Newspapers.

  9. Printing of posters and leaflets.

  10. Putting of Hoardings at prominent places.

  11. Shooting two documentary films “Chetna” and “Jagriti”. 5000 CD’s of Chetna were made. It was freely distributed among all Thalassemia societies. The CD is being telecasted through various Cable Operators all over India.

  12. Thalassemia tableau in World Health Day Parade.

  13. Thalassemia Stall in Bal Health Mela organised by Delhi Govt.

  14. Publishing of Protocol for Thalassemia Management

  15. Setting up of a genetic Lab at LNJP Hospital.

  16. Recently Sanjay Gandhi Hospital and Dr Hedgewar Hospital has been directed to start registering Thalassemia patients for regular treatment.

The following projects are in the offing:-

  1. Awareness and Screening in Schools and Colleges.

  2. Creating New Thalassemia Day Care Centres at other Delhi Government Hospitals.

  3. Mandatory Thalassemia screening in pregnant women at all Government Hospitals in Delhi.

  4. Increasing of voluntary blood donation to 100%.

  5. Education of rational use of blood among medical professionals.

  6. Messages on Thalassemia awareness & prevention on Radio & TV.

  7. Networking of all government hospitals and maternity centres for mandatory thalassemia screening of all pregnant women visiting antenatal clinic at Govt. centres.