Thalessemia International Federation

About Thalessemia International Federation

The Thalassemia International Federation was established in 1987 with the mission to promote the establishment of national control programmes for the effective prevention and appropriate clinical management of Thalassemia, in every affected country of the world. TIF, a federation “umbrella” is comprised of 98 national Thalassemia associations from 60 countries, representing hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide.

TIF has been in official relations with the World Health Organisation (WHO) since 1996, and has developed an extensive network of collaboration with scientific and medical professionals from more than 60 countries around the world as well as with other national and international health bodies, pharmaceutical companies and other disease oriented patients organisations.

TIF has also emphasised the importance of establishing a productive educational programme, organising national, regional and international workshops, seminars and translated into many languages- from basic information for patients, parents and the general public, covering the disease, its treatment and prevention to more specialised scientific texts for physicians involved in the clinical management of Thalassemia.