CME on Thalassemia on 29th of June, 2019 at Dibrugarh

North Eastern Thalassemia Society in association with Indian
Association of Pediatrics Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh

organized a CME on thalassemia on 29th of June, 2019. Dr JS Arora &
Dr VP Choudhry
were the special invitees. Dr VP Choudhry spoke on
'Treatment protocol and monitoring of “Thalassemic children &
Curative options in Thalassemia”.

Dr. JS Arora acquainted about “Chelation, Diet & Lifestyle
adjustments in the Thalassemics life”. He also delebrated on the Role of
parents and societies in the upbringing of the thalassemic child. Dr
Choudhry gave a lecture on anaemia to PG students & resident doctors.
Concise book on Thalassemia “Florilegium of Thalassemia” written
by Dr JS Arora was distributed among doctors and patients. Dr
Choudhry and Dr Arora examined 53 patients and advised treatment.